fireplace and knitting

Itchy feet and a roaring fire; lessons in patience and priority

January in a cold house. The blues are hitting hard. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t had my annual dose of winter sun. The last couple years have been wonderful in that sense. Peru, Borneo, Costa Rica, South Africa. This year it’s the house. And perhaps next year, and maybe the year after…

I am addicted to travel. And my withdrawals are kicking in stronger than ever. Three months of winter so far – that stretch of days with only 8 hours from sun up to sun down. I crave adventure, warmth and light, new experiences, anticipation…

So today I walked into a branch of STA Travel and picked up two brochures. It could be torture. One for Latin America, one for Asia. My two golden torches; Cuba and Bali. On the list, glowing and sparkling. Calling my name.

But now they’re just a little out of reach. We have other things to pay for. Heating, building, electrics, plumbing, blocking up holes, smashing down walls…

So I settle in, on my Tuesday night. Dinner in the slow cooker, lighting our fire, picking up my knitting. Our house slowly becoming our home.

Patience. I know what’s happening. I’m transitioning between worlds. Worlds with different priorities. Now is my time to focus on building a home for a future. This takes dedication; time, money, commitment. We can’t carry on as before and need to buckle down. It’s not going to be easy, all worthwhile things take effort, right?

I’m learning the art of patience. Something I have never EVER been good at. So this is my masterclass. And I’m coming to terms with priorities. This is a proper priority.

So for now I’m taking a deep breath. Now my big adventure starts each morning when I step onto my Mexican rug, covering our dusty floorboards. I get warmth and light from a roaring fire – newly acquired firebuilding skills warm our toes and dry our washing (if I shut my eyes and push my face to the fire I could almost be on a beach in the tropics…). New experiences run abundant at number 26, that I can’t deny.

My feet will continue to itch. I will also continue to pick up brochures and plot and plan my next adventure. I will get to Cuba and I will get to Bali. It may take a little longer than expected, but it’ll be worth the wait, as will renovating number 26 and all the important lessons it has to teach me.


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