The Thing in the Loft

One of the first projects in the house is getting the loft to be a more useful space. We had a small access hatch, which Chris and his dad turned into a bigger hole and put a ladder up for easy access. That was easy to write, but it wasn’t easy to do. Lots of banging, swearing, and bits of plaster falling from the ceiling.

Boards are now being laid, which is brilliant as it’s transforming the third floor of our property into an accessible space that we can use to store stuff. At least until the other two floors catch up.

This morning I was in the garden when Chris came down with a weird expression on his face. “Come up and have a look at what I found in the loft”. Uh-oh.

I slowly climbed the steps, feeling intrepid like a leading lady in Indiana Jones. At the far end of the loft space I saw, what can only be described as a giant nest.

Now, we’ve had a rat incident, and the house has a history there. And I know birds often flutter their wings and coo down our chimneys. Both of these creatures make nests. I’m not sure if this is a nest, but if it is I think a monster must have made it. It was gigantic (about 1m across).

The Thing

Whatever it was that used to live in the nest has long since upped sticks and left. Probably because it’s so darned cold in our house. But it was creepy poking the Thing with a stick to ensure it was no longer inhabited.

It may just be a weird kind of insulation. Very strange that the guys who came in previously to insulate the loft thought it would be a good idea to lay the insulation around the Thing. How kind of them.

I kept my distance as Chris slowly dismantled the Thing and placed it into several industrial bin bags. Dust rising and curling like smoke out of the bags. We’re boarding across the main width of the roof, but not along the spine of the house. I wonder what else lies waiting for us in those dark, dusty corners…

loft hatch
Loft hatch before

loft hatch
Loft hatch after

man in loft
Man in the loft

wasp nest
Something else we found in the loft


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