One of the first things we tackled when we moved in was to tame our overgrown garden. The canopy of trees and bushes that had grown up over the years was blocking our light and that of our neighbours, and we needed to cut the garden back and see what lay beneath.

So our garden went from luscious and green and teeming with life to brown and bumpy and empty of evidence of life over a couple of months (this also coincided with winter, when the trees naturally turn to sticks and the birds leave anyway, but that’s not the point).

It was kind of heartbreaking to see this reverse-transformation as our garden was decimated. But I knew it was necessary in order for us to create our new garden and life would continue.

After a long and cold winter, with the view from our bedroom and kitchen winter of the desolate brown field of a garden not being particularly inspiring, March bought a wonderful surprise. The sticky tree at the end of our garden suddenly burst into life and metamorphosed into a beautiful blossom tree.

And now, as Spring marches firmly on, all sorts of other plants are shooting up on our dirt heap of a garden, slowly but surely my garden is coming back to life.






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