Grand Designs

We went to the Grand Designs London Live event this week to get some inspiration. It’s also much more fun seeing all this stuff off the page, rather than scrolling down an ipad screen. Here are some of the things we liked the look of…

Magnetic plaster
Plaster walls in kitchen or living room so you can hand pictures, noticeboards, notices, etc with magnets

House Doctor
Advice on interiors, project management, rennovations

Green Decore
Outdoor recycled plastic rugs and cushions

New Wave
Slide and swing patio doors (doors that do what bi-folds don’t)

Tata Steel
Steel roofing

Solar Panels scheme

The Chimney Umbrella

ESB Flooring
Hardwood flooring

Shield Home Security
The door I fell in love with

Stylish MDF skirting boards

Smart homes

bi-fold doors

Bifolds with inbuilt screens

Prices Paving & Tile Ltd
Tiles and natural stone options

Other things I liked the look of but wasn’t allowed to pursue..

Outdoor tiki house
Apple shaped garden bed
Dining table that flipped over into a pool table
Juke box
Vibration plate
Massage chair
Various gadgets for the kitchen…


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