We appeared to grind to a proverbial halt over the last couple of months. The reality was that Chris was busy adjusting and readjusting and fine tuning the plans. This was so we could submit for full planning permission. Yes, we had already been granted permitted development, but there is nothing like an actual bit of paper to have the granted permission, so he worked hard to ensure that t was crossed and i was dotted.
So that’s been done (the application, still waiting to see if we get the permission…).

And, slowly other things followed. We had a series of tradesman over our welcome mat, electricians, builders, all scratching chins and sucking through teeth. All promising quotes in a few weeks, and suggesting alternative ways of doing things.

We’ve discussed different options for attacking the project; quote-depending, the ideal would be to get everything done at once (and even more ideal to have it fully project managed). Reality suggests that would be beyond our means and so we have gold, silver, and bronze options (the diamond option was the former, dream plan), ranging from doing the whole ground floor, to doing the whole house and leaving the extension, to doing some of the house and the concrete slab of the extension.

All is still TBD. Awaiting quotes. Awaiting permission.

Meanwhile, prep is happening. Chris and his dad have been round the whole house chasing sockets and lights into the walls. Cutting through brick and plaster and leaving strange geo-metric patterns on our walls. Like builder’s versions of crop circles.

So we’re ready for the re-wiring of the electrics. Or close, at least.

Progress has also been made on the garden. I hired in my favourite Canadian garden clearing men (who we used last time), to basically remove rubbish from our garden, including the bags of underfloor rat mess (nice) and the piles of gnarly branches that have been sitting in our garden for the last 4 months, slowly coming back to life as they started to shoot new greens.

Yesterday Chris nearly set fire to the garden. Well, he set fire to a bunch of garden waste (twigs, branches, etc) in our oil drum. Luckily I was out. Apparently it went up very quickly, the paint on the outside of the drum caught fire and the flames suddenly got very high. He managed to get it under control and in the process burnt through a nice lot of garden rubbish.

And today he wrestled the second of our ex-trees out of the ground. This one was a favourite with the pigeons, who loved to perch on the spiky stump (the second favourite place after our chimney, which they like to shout down at 5am most mornings…). It’s now out of the ground, along with it’s tangle of roots and a bizarre collection of coals that were also buried with it. And another rat skull, and a bone of indeterminable origin.

Anything else? I’ve started to move items out of the cardboard boxes in which they were originally packed for the move into plastic storage boxes. Largely because I am sick of not knowing where things are (and since we’re going to be living with things in boxes for some time to come, it would be handy to know where things are), and secondly because I am preparing for the inevitable permanent dust storm that will take over the house once we start to get any tradesmen in the property. Preparation is everything, of that I am sure (and that is what the first 9 months of this project are likely to be!).

Final thing, we went to the Grand Designs Live show last month, this week I discovered I won a competition I entered at the show! £1000 worth of Yale security products! Wahhooo!

Progress made, momentum building…








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