Man Against Pipe

Patience. Perseverance. Effort. Knowing when to stop.

Man meets pipe
For a lot of today Chris stood up a ladder clanging a hammer into a pipe. Then climbing down the ladder and trying to wrench it away from the wall, away from another section of the pipe. After a lot of effort he managed to remove the bolts holding it to the wall.

Still it wouldn’t fall.

More wiggling and wrenching and thwacking with the hammer.

Still it wouldn’t fall.

The discovery of a metal putty that was holding the section onto the upper section. Banging, clanging, screwdriver to dig out the putty.

Still it wouldn’t fall.

It works a little loose. An elaborate pile of bins and pipes put in place in case it did fall. The pipe is ridiculously heavy.

The pipe remains. A third screwdriver is dead. The pipe lives to stay another day.

Man 0, Pipe 1.

(Chris phones his dad, time to get the angle-grinder…)


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