We have entered what I am referring to as the “intense preparation” phase of our project. In the next month, our to-do list looks something like this:

  • Strip and paint our fascia board on the back of the building (this will be difficult to do once the extension is up)

  • Knock down our current extension and remove debris (several skips)

  • Dig a test hole to check we’re building on solid ground, check with structural engineer, then dig the foundations

  • Rip out all the flooring on the ground floor

  • Pull down the ceilings in the downstairs

  • Liaise with builders and electrician to ensure that everything will start on time, that we have a schedule and some kind of contract/payment agreement

  • Get final additions to drawing from structural engineer

  • Relocate our “living space” – so living room, and temporary kitchen – into the upstairs rooms

  • Move the washing machine upstairs and plumb in

  • Provide some kind of sink for upstairs (part of temporary kitchen move)

  • Potentially relocate our toilet

  • Move big furniture and other stuff into storage

This is a lot to do. Many balls in the air. And there are several things that aren’t on this list. In a way those are more scary. The things that aren’t on the list (because we don’t know about them yet). Oh and we have to carry on with our full time jobs.

Most days we feel like this:


Worry. Fear. Frustration. Intrepidation. Adventure. Confusion. Frustration. Impatience. Exhaustion.




comfort zone

This autumn, in addition to trying to get the above done, I am mostly going to be learning about resilience, and the importance of preparation. It’s going to be cold, we’re not going to have good cooking facilities. We’re going to be living in our upstairs rooms whilst chaos in a dust cloud is kicking off downstairs. There will be strange men in our house. We will be haemorrhaging money. People will be late. Tempers will flare. We will be tired. Things will not turn out as planned, despite the preparation.

But that’s OK. Because it’s part of the plan. Part of the dream; to build our future home. And things like that (things that matter) take a lot of work, and they will be worth it in the end…



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