Back door

The builders came in this week to build us a temporary back door. This is ahead of the final part of the demolition as we bring the house back to its original shape. Chris will be knocking down that part of the old extension in the next few weeks.

It was a good test to see how good the builders are. They arrived early, put the radio on, I made them tea, they drilled and sawed and constructed a beautiful frame. They did a good job (and passed the Chris-test). And we got our door.

This will be our back door for the next few months, until the new extension is in place. It forms the shape of our new Utility Room and one day will be the entrance to our lovely new kitchen. The building has begun!

Before "the door"
Before “the door”
Before "the door" (2)
Before “the door” (2)
After - our door!
After – our door!
After - our door (2)
After – our door (2)

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