Skip replacement, sink transplant, and a sleeping bag with legs

skip removal
That’s our old extension in that skip!
It was all go at Number 26 this morning.

We were woken early with orange flashing lights and beeep beep from outside which told us the skip guy was here to lift our rubble-heavy skip from the street and replace with a fresh one. We’ve been having all sorts of fun getting our skips emptied, as mystery cars park themselves in the way for days on end, and the skip company decides to not turn up when promised… Today he was here super early, which was good as we didn’t have to carefully guard the “skip clearing zone” with our bins, as we usually do. Chris just used his car instead. And luckily he moved his car just in time as it was within rock-bouncing distance from the truck…

sink being carried upstairs
The sink makes its way to the bathroom
The early morning clanging and banging continued as our downstairs kitchen sink was prized away from the wall and awkwardly carried up the stairs to its new temporary home; our bathroom.

We are making the move from downstairs to upstairs for winter, and recreating our kitchen in our bathroom and our living room in a bedroom. Today the sink will be plumbed into the old basin’s spot and we’ll be able to wash the dishes whilst brushing our teeth for a few months. Fun.

Source: The Telegraph
Source: The Telegraph
Talking of winter, we’re looking down the barrel of our most unpredictable season now, and, as people like to do at this time of year, speculation is rife about the weather. A neighbour told us yesterday of the “cold snap” that’s coming, so I’ve been doing a little early morning research and discovered that yes, several reputable (ahem) news channels are reporting the delightful interference of El Nino this year, perhaps the coldest winter in 50 years. More joy. So I am also researching our “winter snap survival kit” and no. 1 at the top of the list is the “sleeping bag with legs”. His and hers, in cobalt blue and charcoal grey. This season’s must have. We’ll be the most stylish and toasty people on the street…

Sleeping bag with legs
Stylish and warm!

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