The (Oxford) Blue and White House

Earlier this year I was invited to drinks with some of the ladies from the street. We made our introductions and started chatting and one of the ladies said “ohhh, you are the couple in the blue and white house”.

We’ve got to the stage where we are painting the fascia boards of the house and initially we were thinking of putting our mark on the house and repainting the blue a dark grey. It could look a little more stylish, sophisticated, perhaps.

Chris and I were standing in Homebase on a recent trip to get an extra pot of Forest Green for the shed, when we came across Dulux’s exterior Oxford Blue.

It was there and then we decided to let our house keep its identity in the street. No need to reinvent or make our mark by dulling the fasica with grey. Just like the sky and the sea, and Oxford’s identity itself, our white house will remain trimmed with a beautiful, bold blue.




We are using Dulux Trade Exterior Ultimate Opaque in Oxford Blue (5 litres).


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