Dig Deep

The builders are coming on Monday. So we are in the “T(ake off) minus” phase and each day a new pressure mounts. This past week there has been a lot of action on site, with multiple men digging and smashing things up and carting things out in a wheelbarrow.

Skip number 6 has been filled and we’re at a state where the skip people can’t empty them fast enough (despite telling us they can on their website…).

The floors have been ripped up and the foundations dug. The quarry tiles in our old kitchen removed, the cupboards and pantry smashed, and now we have big empty holes for rooms.

Chaos. Dust. Mess. Noise.

So T minus four days and the pressure is mounting. Mini meltdowns are happening. Time to dig deep, literally, and mentally.

You’re likely to see an increase in blog posts from now on, it’s one of the ways I cope, by “documenting”, as I call it. I’m sure Chris, his dad, cousin, and the array of builders that are about to invade Number 26 may not get it, but as long as I supply them with sausage sandwiches and cups of tea, we’ll all get through this….

Front room with no floor
Front room with no floor


Backroom with no floor
Backroom with no floor

Men at work
Men at work




Us in our foundations!
Us in our foundations!




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