Water Tank

The elephant
The elephant
When selecting water tanks you think about the future provision of hot water to your house. How many baths you are likely to have, washing up, washing machine, etc. You dream of endless access to beautiful steaming hot water for deep bubble baths and Sunday laundry runs.

You look at the loft and think it could get tucked away nicely in that dark corner, replacing the other tank.

You find the best value and biggest tank online and part with your hard earned cash.

It arrives in the box. A big box.

Your plumber rips apart the box, keen to get on with fitting it.

You hit a series of challenges.

You learn some lessons.

1. Measure carefully

2. Check structural integrity of position in loft

3. Think about position of tank placement and impact of the need for additional pipes/pumps/access to loft storage, future plans to extend loft

4. Be careful opening the box (as the supplier won’t take it back if the box isn’t 100% in tact)

5. Ask the supplier if they do exchanges ahead of purchasing (note: with our supplier, the answer it seems, is no)

Decisions need to be made quickly onsite, and the pressure sets in. Questions fly around, what can we do…?

1. Negotiate with the supplier? Swap for a smaller without paying the difference? Part exchange? No.

2. Sell this tank on ebay? Difficult.

3. Use this tank anyway and risk it falling through the ceiling in the future? Not preferable.

4. Use this tank anyway and put it in the middle of the loft, prohibiting full access to the loft space? Awkward and a waste of expensive space.

5. Use this tank anyway and pay for additional piping and a pump. Expensive.

So, no solution found yet. Lessons learnt, but creative ideas appreciated (answers on a postcard to Number 26…). For now, our hot water tank sits, elephant-in-the-room-esque in what used to be our front room.


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