Moving upstairs

We have now pretty much completely moved upstairs. There are a few dusty houseplants in the porch but aside from that we’re now living on the first floor.

We’ve been moving up over the last few weeks, with the invention of our bathroom-come-kitchen sink area. We now have a temporary worksurface, a place for hanging our dishcloths and are using Chris’s tool cupboard as our storage space for pots and pans.


Our tiny spare room (which will one day be a compact bathroom…) is now our main cooking area, with our fridge, microwave, kettle, slow cooker, toaster and combi-oven all relatively accessible. We also have some plastic drawer units to store our food. (One benefit of having no heating is that every room is a cool room!).

Cooking area/food storage
Cooking area/food storage

And our main living areas are now our front bedroom – for working, relaxing (reading, watching TV) and eating. Oh, this seconds as our guest bedroom for those who brave a visit.

Front bedroom/living room/guest room
Front bedroom/living room/guest room

And our main bedroom, for sleeping and storing a bunch of stuff. I’ve put rugs down on the floorboards to try and prevent the up-drift of dust, which I know will be coming in the next few weeks.

Bedroom/storage room
Bedroom/storage room

So that’s it. We’re on the first floor. Our staircase is precarious and our downstairs is unlivable at the moment. So for the moment we have no choice but to go onwards and upwards!


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