And so it begins.

Every morning at 7.30 the builders arrive bright and early. I’m usually in the process of waking up and I’m stumbling about the place putting the kettle on and trying to get dressed. I have three strange men downstairs.

Although they’re not that strange any more. The invaders are becomming familiar faces each day that passes.

It rained all day Monday. But that didn’t stop them laying 15 tonnes of concrete in our foundations. Chris was around for the day and had the pleasure of being part of the great concrete run, chasing backwards and forwards carting wheelbarrows of wet concrete through our house and into the trenches out the back.

I received a photo on an email at about 3 o clock, the footings were in.

Tuesday when I came home the ground inside the house was a little lower than before and bricks had been scattered over the floors.

Wednesday something had happened with the electrics. Not sure what.

Stuff is happening though. I know this because we’ve just parted with our first payment and there were many zeroes on the end.






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