Water pipe

This weekend’s task was replacing the water pipe into the house. This involved removing the old lead pipe and replacing it with a new plastic pipe with a greater capacity for water flow.

As usual, my involvement was largely spectatory, providing fuel and water, but also having the very important task of holding the coils of blue plastic pipe as it was, at first delicately, and then slightly more aggressively, fed into the tunnel that Chris and his dad dug out from outside our front door, under our porch, and along a small trench running through to the back of the house.

We had to be careful not to damage the new pipe, this being the conduit for all the water into our house, and not to get any of the very fluffy soil that is spread throughout our downstairs into the pipe.

It was a long a arduous task, with Chris and is dad spending most of Saturday lying face down in concrete and dirt, boring out the tunnel with the existing pipe, removing that pipe, and feeding the new one, finally connecting it up to the main supply.

The fall of darkness on Saturday night was time to celebrate a 12 hour day of hard graft with steaming papers of fish and chips, and the men were both black and blue with cuts and bruises.

Still, a job well done and only a few scrapes and minor disagreements along the way.





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