Week 2; Concrete floors, walls coming up and breakthrough!

We’re in week 2. I’m rapidly starting to forget what our downstairs looked like, each day when we get home from work something else has changed. And those changes are pretty major.

There is no way back now!

So, we’ve seen some action on our extension walls…

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Things are taking shape.

And then the dirt floors were replaced by a sea of slug-grey concrete…

And now we have to scramble up a cobbled together ramp to get onto our staircase, a la Indiana Jones…

Our ramp up to the staircase
Our ramp up to the staircase

And today, I received a Facebook message from my neighbour saying that she could see daylight through our front windows… I pedaled home from work as fast as I could to see the wonderous and scary thing that is BREAKTHROUGH. The disappearance of our middle wall, and our upstairs is being held up my acro-props (yikes). Chris needs to get on with ordering the steels…


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