Week 3; electrics started, walls up, ceilings down

This week’s progress has been a little less visual, after the drama of getting our concrete floors and smashing through our two downstairs rooms. Our builders have provided a scope of works, with a rough outline of what is happening each week, but it’s still very much a guessing game. We now get home from work, and (since the electrics are currently out downstairs), grab the torch and scurry round the house, trying to work out what has happened over the past 24 hours.

I know that the electrics have started as Brad, our electrician, turned up early this week. And that evening there were shiny new electrical casings in our sockets.
Something happened with our gas, as the next day a new stranger was shouting downstairs (in greeting to our merry builders) – the gas guy came and drilled a hole, laid a pipe and connected it to our supply. I expect we’re paying him a lot for that.

One of our builders broke his thumb. The next day his uncle showed up for work. I know that because there was a lot of animated shouting, or “banter” in Ukrainian downstairs shortly after I woke up.

And each evening as dusk falls (the time I get back from work), I hang out of my bedroom window, and take pictures of the aerial view of our extension, which is inching up infront of my eyes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So this week progress has happened, although it’s slightly more difficult to see. Chris is getting more concerned with how things are happening. The builders are in a hurry and making quick decisions that aren’t in keeping with the design and quality levels that he had expected. Conversations will be had this week to address that…

The biggest thing that I can see that has happened this week is the work Chris and his dad did this weekend – pulling down the ceilings in our two downstairs rooms. A lot of noise, a lot of dust, a lot of plaster and wood rubble on the floor, all meticulously carted off to the tip or put in our skip. I peered through the emerging gaps in between our floorboards to watch them both turn grey as they got covered in dust. A job very well done.

Here’s a little tour of or downstairs at the moment:


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