Week 4.5; steels in, and we meet our roof

The last week and a half has passed in a blur. We now seem to have more holes in our house than ever before, so it’s just as well the weather is reasonably mild (for November). The rain has been pretty persistent. So much so we had to dash out for sandbags earlier this evening, to plug the giant puddle that was creeping across our kitchen floor. That’s the joy of having two very large holes in our back wall.

So, our progress over the last week and a bit. Well, the extension itself is creeping up layer by layer, and the piece de resistance landed after dark (or at least for us) on Wednesday evening; our beautiful roof frame. A stunning construction of craftsmanship. It’s starting to look like the design FINALLY!

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So yes, the slightly delicate looking acro-props were replaced earlier this week with some much sturdier looking “steels”. A breathed a silent sigh of relief there. Chris and his dad pulled down a couple more ceilings to reveal a tangle of wires – who uses that many electrical wires? We do, apparently.

The electricians came back in today and spent all day in a cupboard. Not quite sure what they did (I’m told they installed a new distribution board) – it looked like diffusing a very complicated bomb – and put in lots of new wiring.

Oh and we had a meeting to discuss some of the areas that we aren’t so happy with, largely around the Damp Proof Coursing, got a dose of reassurance, and the drama dispersed, for now, at least.

So over the next couple of days we just have a few decisions to make about our back door, the type of guttering we want, and Chris has to move the toilet (soil pipe) so the builders can complete the roof. Busy few days then!


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