Week 6; Opening up!

The builders removed the boards between the main house and our extension at the weekend, so for the first time we can see the extent of our new space – and it’s pretty exciting! I can now walk through my some-day-to-be sitting room, dining room and open plan kitchen and it looks huge. The inside roof also looks amazing, despite it still all being very much a building site.

And, after our “serious” meeting with the builders last week they also decided it would be a good idea to put a temporary cover (plastic sheets) on the roof to stop the driving rain from getting in. But now we are woken up throughout the night with the crazy rustling of the sheets as the wind catches them.

Other progress this weekend, Chris and his Dad moved the toilet into what will be our compact bathroom. The soil pipe (obviously) went with it.
Brad, our electrician, has been back in to put the electrics into the extension and run some cables upstairs.

We’ve ordered, and had delivered, the Velux windows (or “sky lights”). And we went to see the Bifold door guy to make a few decisions and get some advice about when they’ll be coming in. We need to select our floor coverings first, so 2 hours of my life was spent in Topps Tiles gazing over very expensive floor coverings…

Still more decisions to make, we’re looking at backdoors – UPVC versus wood. And we’re selecting our guttering and roof tile ridge colour… SO many decisions!


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