Week 7; layer cake

The layers of our house are starting to go back on now, from the inside out, and I can finally start to see a home emerging out of the building site.

The insulation has been added to our roof, our Velux windows fitted, and the plasterboard has been added to create the shell of our ceiling.

Doors and windows have been bricked up (although there are still plenty of holes… brrr!), our internal Edwardian bi-fold doors (a bargain, snapped up from eBay) have been renovated, and our back door is taking shape…

The electricians were back for some more wiring work, including our feed to the loft. The builders painted bitumen paint around the bottom of our walls, as a further protection for the damp proofing.

And the chunky space-silver Celetex has been laid, insulating our floors. Well, most of the insulation is Celetex, some is a cheaper option…

And, once the builders packed up their tools for the weekend, the family crew kicked in. Chris and his cousin, our plumber Matt, laid the underfloor heating pipes and pressurized the system. All ready for the screed, which is coming next week.

The layers of the cake are building up…




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