The outside air temperature has dropped significantly this week and winter is well and truly on its way. There are still holes in our house and the tiles need to go on the roof (there is a delay as the builder can’t get hold of the tiles we want). The gaps in our floorboards leak cold air up and around us. Wind whips around the battened doorframes, licking to get in.

The underfloor heating is starting to go in now, but I’m told that once the screed is set (hopefully later this week), we can only turn in on and up by one degree a day. We’re going to be freezing!

So we’re trying our hardest to heat our upstairs bedrooms with our oil radiators and our new electric blanket is our saviour. But it’s hard. I remember this from last year, the paralysing pain of cold. It saps our energy and optimism. It pushes us back into our warm beds in the morning, not wanting to get up and get on.
We’ve been here before, we can do it again. Deep breath, wrap up warm, keep moving forwards.


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