Week 8; Down with the screed and return of the rat

I was away last week, I’d decided to take a holiday away from the house, a much needed “retreat” to Essex to visit my mum. Leaving Chris alone in the house to deal with the builders, and other, unwanted, house-guests.

It was actually week 7 that saw the arrival of our unwanted house guest (s?). Or I should say heard the arrival of the guest. It was late one night, around 1am, I heard something outside of our bedroom door. There are a lot of noises from downstairs at the moment as the wind is up and rustling our roof and through the many holes in our unsealed extension. However this noise was closer. I went out onto the landing, tentatively… Our dust sheet obscured my view of the stairs. And then I heard the tap tap tap as whatever was on the stairs retreated downstairs. I screamed. Full-bodied, blood-curdling, horror-movie screamed. I have never done that before.

I nearly gave Chris a heart attack. Then followed a couple nights of listening to something scrabbling in our kitchen/bathroom. Trying to burrow/gnaw through the rafters to get into the kitchen. Waking us every 45 minutes through the night/morning. No sleep.

I left Number 26 at the weekend. Seeking warmth, peace and quiet. I left Chris to deal with the midnight gnawing.

I received updates on the guest. No sightings, more scrabbling and sleep interruptions. Some paw prints were found on the sink (blee..!).

Traps were laid, chicken wire bought, holes sealed up.

And it’s been quiet for a week now. So we’re hoping he’s moved on. The house has a history and we’re hoping with our new floors and as we get all possible entry points sealed that history will be kept out, along with our furry ex-housemates.

So that was last week (week 8). That and the screed was laid – and I came home to a lovely smooth floor, covering all those layers of brick, concrete, insulation and underfloor heating pipes. Finally we can step through our front door and land on a floor at proper floor level. Our ceilings seem much closer now!


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