We’re at a mini interlude at the moment. Waiting for people coming back after Christmas. Waiting for the door guy. And the plasterer. Waiting for the builders to get in touch.

That is coinciding with what appears to be the end of the drifting jet stream and el nino’s jaunt this year, keeping us warmer than usual. The cold snap is on its way. We are starting to feel it. Our noses are cold, our toes are cold. We open a door and whoosh, in comes the cold. Tonight I brought some squash from the Coop. It was room temperature in the Coop. I used it as a hand-warmer at Number 26.

We need to get those doors finished. We need to get the plaster on. We need to put the boiler on the wall and hook up our central heating.

Otherwise I’m knitting me one of these..


And of course, it’s the New Year. Happy 2016! A year since I started the blog. And I’m about to start mapping out my plans for the year which will of course include the dream house plan. But in amongst all the chat online about building indestructable goals and amazing life plans, I found this interesting article which struck home for me at the moment. Our struggles determine our successes. And in a weird way this made me feel better. We want this. We really want this. And all our challenges and struggles (which let’s face it, are nothing compared to some people) will be worth it and prove that we really want it.

And in the meantime I can indulge in a little guilty pleasure, since it’s too cold to cook, I’m having spaghetti hoops on toast. Yum.





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