The room with the split personality

Sometimes there are moments in time when I just think “I have to document this”. I have to remember the quirkiness of this situation right now because one day I probably won’t even believe I ever experienced it.

Now is one of those times. As I type I am standing in what I can only describe as a room with a split personality. It’s kind of ridiculous. It’s the Swiss-Army pen-knife equivalent of rooms.

It used to be my kitchen-come-bathroom.

Tonight, it’s my kitchen-come-bathroom-come-home office – come laundry room, and, at a push you could say it’s my lounge, as it’s where I’m choosing to be since it’s the warmest room in the house. Our house without central heating. The old-fashioned bathroom heater (pretty much a hairdryer mounted on the wall), blowing hot air onto my freezing fingers as I type.

I’m cooking dinner. The sausage and veg are in our combi-oven (if you can call it that). I’ve just learnt how to microwave pasta. And I’m running my presentation (for tomorrow’s sales conference) on my laptop, perched precariously over our kitchen sink.

Washing up has been done. No laundry in the bath tonight, tonight, I think I’ll take a bath instead. Just as soon as I’ve packed my laptop away.

The things you do for a renovation.

One very special room…

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