Getting plastered

Things continue to tick on at number 26, the main thing over the past couple of weeks is that our plasterer, Graham, has been in. And he’s gradually helping put our house back together. Sticking the walls together with plaster. Smoothing over the ceilings and the walls. Making it look normal again. I like Graham.

He does sing though. An interesting rendition of Hotel California floated up through the floor.

Chris and I get home after work and stroke the walls. Smooth and cool.

There are still things that aren’t so good though. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our builder and the bi-fold window guy about sorting out our door/window. That’s annoying. But luckily we have smooth walls. That makes it better.

There are a few small patches for Graham to finish and then we’ll be done on the plaster, at least in the house. Our extension is being plastered by our builder’s plasterer, later… I expect.

Front room
Plastering paraphanalia
Looking through the house
Dining room
Fireplace reappearing!
Utility Room
The final work to do

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