Piping and planning

The last few weeks and we’ve had two things on our minds. Heating and the kitchen. Both things we are missing and desperately want to happen very very soon…

The heating should have been in before it got cold. Luckily the weather gods are being kind and it’s been a reasonably mild winter so far. So far…

So we now have pipes in places, there’s a boiler in a box ready to be fitted, and radiators ready to be hung in the upstairs rooms.

Our hot water tank has been removed from our loft and our cylinder from our bathroom/kitchen and both have been replaced with a shiny new white cylinder (un-vented, indirect system).

And finally onto some fun stuff. Planning our amazing kitchen. We’ve been talking to a number of kitchen makers for a few months now, with Chris’s plans; nipping, tucking, tweaking, mind-changing… We had some quotes, visited some workshops to check out their facilities. And now we think we’ve found our kitchen maker.

Selecting colours, looking at worktops, discussing coving detail, kickplates, door styles, door knobs, back splashes… it’s a whole new world of choices and costs.

We’ve identified a potential window for our fitting. It relies on us getting painted and the floor down in the next month or so… another pressure to add to the pile? Why-ever not?



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