heating pipe

The heat is…

So, big news today… this happened…

Break out the dancing and pop the corks.

And it’s only taken one year, 3 months and 26 days!

The gas man came today to fit our boiler. Our beautiful heat creating boiler, with that magical blue gas burning bright inside, heating the water that swirls around our underfloor pipes, flows into our gorgeous radiators which are hanging upstairs on our bedroom walls. And it is a sweet and joyous moment.

The floors downstairs are gradually warming. They are not freezing cold to the touch any more. Our two bedrooms upstairs, in which we are still spending the majority of our time, are now not nose-numbingly cold. It’s not a constant challenge to stay out of bed in the evenings. It’s not unpleasant to move between rooms. It is, in every way, today, perhaps for the briefest but sweetest of moments, bliss.

If you came in off the street you would probably think it was still freezing in our house, but we can tell the difference. It make me really appreciate the smallest of changes. Small but oh so important steps forward. Warmth is everything. It makes everything bearable and better. I know it’ll be a flash and we’ll be taking it for granted again, but right now, for this slip of time, I am so so grateful for that glorious heat that is gently radiating into the room.

Tell me, can you feel it?


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