Fifty shades of white

We’re getting to that point now where it’s time to select our paint. Yes, our wall paint. That’s decorating. We are close to leaving renovation phase and entering decorating. It’s quite a moment.

But of course it’s not that easy. We now have one big room downstairs, essentially, and our house is pretty dark, so it makes it relatively simple on the surface. We need a light colour, and it probably needs to be the same throughout. At least for now to keep things easy.

So we’re settling for white. But who knew just how many whites are available. There are, I believe, at least 50 shades.

Loft white, Flint, Down, Tusk, Shallows, Cervice, White Lead ,Stock, Clay – Pale, Portland Stone, Slaked Lime, St Clement, Walpole, Greenwich Time, Holbein Chamber, Cabbage White, Shirting, Pure White, Maughan White, Belgravia, Charter House, Holland Park, Cotton Street, All White, White Tie, Shadow White, Dimity, Wevet, New White, House White, Winbourne White, Pointing, James White, Clunch, House White, Tallow, Lime White, Off White, Strong White, Ammonite, Great White, Oxford Stone….

So we’re contemplating the many shades of white. A decision that doesn’t come easy. Looking for a bright white for the ceiling and an off white for the walls, funky names aside…



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