The beautiful art of coving

When we lived in our flat Chris introduced me to the concept of coving. I wasn’t convinced at first (when he told me about it). I thought it seemed an overly fussy waste of time, I didn’t understand the point. Then he fitted it throughout the flat and I realised how it can completely  transform a room.In fact a wall without coving now looks naked, unfinished. So with Number 26 we have a lot more wall space that means a lot of coving. And with that comes the agonising hours of putting it up (cutting and fitting the corners, getting it square onto the wobbly walls, and the relentless perfectionist task of finishing the joins).

This is something that, as a big picture non-detailed person I can only sit back and admire from afar. The patience required to not only fit this stuff but fill the gaps, joins and holes on the corners so it all looks like it’s been laid in situ, is phenomenal.

The coving itself took about 2 days to put up around the insides of each of our rooms, but it took more than twice as long to get it finished, to perfection, like a beautiful perfect wedding cake. And it looks fabulous.



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