Three small wins

Today is Friday, and the end to a long week. Most nights when we get home from work we walk around our downstairs, mid-transformation, to focus on what is coming next. This Friday feels good as there is a triple whammy of progress. A tap, some boards, and a washing machine.

The tap is our wonderful, sleek hot water tap. It’s a thing of beauty. A gentle pull to release steaming hot water, straight into my mug. Tea on tap, pretty much. I love it. It’s actually been installed for a week and I genuinely have been loving making the journey downstairs every morning to get my cuppa instantly. It’s magic.


The boards are our floorboards. Ordered and arrived within a few days. We finally made the decision. Walnut stained oak. Engineered wood. Right now lying in their packaging. Next week (hopefully) they will become our floor.


And the washing machine. Well, the washing machine has been here for a while, sitting patiently in it’s plastic wrapping. It was moved into the utility room and put into our beautiful new cupboard, and then plumbed in and hooked up to the electrics last week. For some reason we’ve hesitated to do some washing. Perhaps it’s a denial that this is really happening. Tonight is its inaugural wash. The pants and shirts were loaded. The detergent squirted, and now the drum is spinning.


So three wins. They may seem small, things that most people will be taking for granted every day. A cup of tea, a solid floor, and clean pants in a few hours. For us this is a big deal. These are big wins, landmarks. It’s progress. And it feels great.



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