Moving out

It’s a weird thing, having your stuff in storage. It’s true, you really forget it’s there and don’t need it. Occasionally it’s the source of frustration because that thing you’re looking for is most likely in storage, but it’s Sunday so you can’t get it. Oh well. Over it.

And then there are the few trips when you go back. Mostly this was at the start of our phased move back, to pick up a few things so the final move out wasn’t so stressful. I discovered some books or summer clothes that I’ve lovingly packed away thinking I’d see them soon (originally our stuff was only meant to be there for 3 months… which rapidly turned into 4, then 6…), and it was like Christmas, my presents being getting my stuff back that I’d forgotten I had. That was pretty cool.

Anyway, it was becoming an unnecessary expense, especially now we have the downstairs livable again. And we needed to start saving cash, big time. So it was time to move out and move back. All our stuff, back into the house.

We phoned up our local man, the one with the big van and the big muscles. He did his trick from before, lugging our ridiculously heavy furniture, crates of books and our safe (yes, we have a safe, that’s the one I won, it’s super heavy, and we paid for it to have a holiday home in storage). And we diligently stacked it all up at home. Under the stairs, in the space room, in small pockets of space around the house.


And we got our sofa back. That’s a game changer. It means we can relax in our downstairs again. Time to pop a cork.

I must remember to unpack when we’re done. And discover all those things I forgot I had. But don’t need.

My advice for storage:

  1. You’ll need it longer than you plan – or maybe that’s your extension will take longer than you think. It’s an expense that you don’t think about but racks up, so go for the smallest unit you can and give yourself a move out date to stick to (although we did this, and didn’t).
  2. Clear out BEFORE you store. It’s obvious but we didn’t do it. Don’t pay to store things you’re going to through out at the end.
  3. You’ll think you’ll be popping in and out, using it as a remote living room, so you may want to get a bigger unit. Don’t. You won’t be in and out.
  4. Label your crates with the contents and tape it to the top, so if you DO pop back, or when unpacking and want to find something, you can locate it.
  5. Don’t wear flipflops in the storage unit place. I did this and sliced by big toe open on the elevator doors. Bled everywhere.

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