On the edges

I think it’s probably nigh on impossible to get the order of things 100% perfect in a renovation. There are too many chickens and too many eggs.

One thing we perhaps should have done before the floor was to paint the skirting and architrave. But seriously, we were beyond painted out. I don’t even want to think about the amount of paint we’ve got tied up in this house. So we didn’t do that.

And that’s Ok. We just have to be super careful not to get it on the floors. Our lovely new floors. So we have to tape up. Miles of tape.

That’s Ok.

And put down protective newspaper, dust sheets, etc to stop the paint from reaching the floor.

And watch for those drips. Gravity is a bitch.

But we got it done. Most of it (still a little left to do, perhaps will always be a little left to do). And yes, paint somehow, mysteriously, got onto the floor. It always will. It’s its life mission to find a way. Sometimes you have to let the paint achieve it’s mission and use it as a little lesson in something for us humans. Patience, being more careful, dealing with frustration and rage…

But it’s worth it. Clean, white, smooth edges. Everywhere.


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