Tee Vee

Since we’ve had the kitchen installed and we have officially moved back “downstairs” we’ve had this blissful time in our lives without TV. It sort of happened naturally, since we didn’t allow for a TV in the kitchen design. Instead we sit up on our bar stools, gazing out over our gorgeous white surfaces and do other things; work at our computers, make endless cups of tea with our hot water tap, make dinner, mix drinks, chat, read, write, even dance around the kitchen island.

No need for TV here.

But then there was always that “alcove” that Chris so lovingly built, down the other end of the house. We knocked out the fireplace, built out the chimney breast, it was carefully plaster-boarded and plastered, the electrics all expertly tucked into the space. A 24 x 39 inch space.

And it was sitting there, a shallow white cave, waiting patiently, for it’s inhabitant to show up. One day it did, in a skinny white box. It sat around for a bit. But it wasn’t long before it was time for everything to change.

A bracket was bought. A feat of modern engineering, with hinges and pistons, and springs and all sorts. It was a delicate operation. Building out a practise board on which to mount the bracket, making sure all the fine tuning was done to get the thing in place properly before heading for the wall, and drilling holes. Gentle adjustments. Spirit levels were involved. I was involved. A lot of pain is ahead if we get this wrong.

And then, finally, it was mounted on the wall, nestling back into the alcove. Into the shallow cave. The pain staking practise and measurements paid off – it fits! And it looked beautiful.

A beautiful distraction. Living without TV makes you realise how much you get done. The gravitational pull of the sofa-TV combo is inescapable. Like a lounge-based black hole. sucking everything into it. We walk towards the glow of the TV like bugs transfixed by the light.

We’ll just sit down for a little while. Back to the renovation soon…


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