The break

Although technically still in the final throes of snagging, the majority of Phase 1 was completed in late autumn last year. We then took a break. In winter things naturally came to a stand still. I like to think of it as a sort of hibernation. We hunkered down to enjoy our first full winter with heating and started to enjoy our newly reformed downstairs – our old friend the sofa, the TV, and generally love and live in our new kitchen.

It was all too easy to settle into the comfort of our new downstairs. Spend our evenings and weekends enjoying our lives again, not having to deal with builders, tradesmen, making decisions, spending endless piles of money…

And we also took a much needed and well deserved (even if I do say so myself) holiday. Our first one together in 2.5 years. So we went somewhere far away, with hot sunshine, exotic flavours and adventures that didn’t involve DIY.

Now the days are lengthening again, so it’s probably time again to poke our noses out of the box of sawdust and emerge from our hibernating states. We need to think about Phase 2. That means spreadsheets and savings, ordering skips, clearing the garden and moving downstairs before the destruction and rebuilding of our upstairs begins. Before the return of the dust.

Seconds out, round two.


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