twenty six


In late October 2014, very early in the morning, I arrived back in the UK from a business trip to the other side of the world. I stumbled onto the bus back to Oxford from Heathrow and just over an hour later disembarked the bus at a new stop for me – “Headington Shops”. It was still early and there was a pinch of cold in the air. It was drizzling. I wheeled my case down the street and made an unfamiliar turning, onto a foreign road. Within minutes I was standing in front of the house that my husband and I have chosen to be our dream home. One day.

This house, number 26, was to be, and is (so far) the biggest project of our lives. We walked into it with our eyes open and are excited and terrified at the same time. It’s going to stretch us and challenge us in many different ways, and it is through this blog that I hope to capture our adventures as we transform number 26 into our dream home. And, in order to keep a modicum of sanity, I plan to chart the practical and spiritual lessons that we are learning along the way.


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